8th Grade Curriculum


Every subject at FCMS is viewed and taught with the Bible as a lens, and mathematics is no exception. The beauty and consistency of mathematical properties reflects the orderliness and precision of our unchanging God, and we would be amiss not to teach it in this light. Math courses are not lock-stepped and students are placed according to diagnostic test results. Courses available are General Math, Fundamental Math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I.


In grammar class, students are challenged to fine-tune their use of one of God’s most amazing creations, the human language, through Bob Jones University Press curriculum. Eighth grade grammar strengthens the students understanding and builds upon the same concepts learned in Seventh grade: parts of speech, sentence structure analysis, and proper usage of words.


Classic and contemporary literature selections are provided through Bob Jones University Press 7th grade literature textbooks. These thoughtfully chosen poems, novel excerpts, essays, and short stories will enrich a students literary knowledge and understanding. Class discussions are designed to enhance a students learning ability in critical analysis, biblical thinking, and understanding effective literary techniques.

educational11 HISTORY

Using the textbook, America the Beautiful Part 2, authored by Notgrass, coupled with a powerful nationwide project driven  program  by Students of History.  FCMS feels it is bringing materials that are both engaging and educational to Social Studies.  Through the use of relevant videos, primary sources, gallery walks, interactive projects, 3D power points, simulations, plus many other dynamic lessons, students become engaged and critical thinking skills grow. Our interactive, creative, and Christian Worldview history program truly comes alive for the students.

book135 WRITING

For writing skills development, students are guided through a two-year WriteShop curriculum course, wherein a student acquires the skills needed to communicate descriptively, persuasively, and logically.


Bob Jones University Press vocabulary program emphasizes the application of word meaning and draws words primarily from preparation for SAT and books of frequently used words.

book140  SCIENCE

Bob Jones University Physical Science Textbook.  Students will learn how everything they do relates to chemistry and physics. In the chemistry chapters they will see the wonder in how matter and energy interacts in the food we eat, the drinks we drink, and the matter that makes up our world. In physics chapters, they will see how things move, why things move, and why objects behave as they do.


We have a variety of electives including Culinary Arts, Drama, Music Fundamentals, Worship, and ASB.