During the 6th, 7th and 8th grades at any school, students face the challenge of transitioning into adolescence. At Foothills Christian Middle School, we whole-heartedly believe that this transition involving physical changes, intellectual development, and spiritual formation can be, with wise and loving guidance, a positive, even course-altering season in a student’s life. Teachers take great care to impart sound biblical wisdom during Bible class and desire to help shape the students’ appetites for the things of the Kingdom of God.


Education specialist and resources

Foothills Christian Middle School does not have an Academic Resource Specialist or Legal Resources to serve IEP or 504 eligibility recipients.  

Individualized Assessment Testing is required for all new students.  Moderate accommodations, with our curriculum, can be considered according to the students learning abilities, to help develop the learning skills necessary to be a successful and independent student. 

A majority of our curriculum is BJU, Bob Jones University Press. BJU Press partners with us to help in reaching our goal of excellence in education. It is the priority of BJU Press to integrate a biblical perspective in all their resources including math and science. Balancing repetition and variety with hands on learning, students engage in positive classroom experiences. Through the BJU course work, students’ natural curiosity surfaces, developing a broad base of interest and tools needed to explore the world around them as well as establish the ability to help build a Godly foundation for their future.

Our graded course-work includes the following subjects: Bible, Math, Language Arts (grammar, literature, vocabulary, and writing), Science, Introduction to Spanish, Computers and Life Skills.


Bob Jones offers an e-textbook for most updated curriculum. For an extra $25.00, students have three-way access (desktop, online, and mobile) to their textbooks for 12 months. This allows students to leave heavy textbooks at school, lightening the loads they carry to and from school. It also means they will not miss any work if they “accidentally” leave books at school.

The subjects that offer an e-textbook option are:

  • 6th grade: Science, Math and Literature
  • 7th & 8th grades: Science, History, Fundamentals of Math, Pre-Algebra, and Literature