6th Grade Curriculum


Students learn, through Bob Jones University Press, to learn and apply math concepts as part of the creation mandate. Math courses are not lock-stepped and students are placed according to diagnostic test results. Courses available are 6th grade Math, Math Fundamentals, and Pre Algebra.


In English class, students are challenged to fine-tune their use of one of God’s most amazing creations, the human language, through Bob Jones University Press. Sixth grade English covers parts of speech, develops students’ writing abilities, and cultivates understanding of sentence structure.


Classic and contemporary literature selections are provided through Bob Jones University Press 6th grade literature reading and work texts. These thoughtfully chosen poems, novel excerpts, essays, and short stories will enrich a students’ literary knowledge, appreciation, and understanding. Small literary groups are designed to enhance a students learning ability in critical analysis, biblical thinking, and understanding effective literary techniques.

educational11 HISTORY

The Heritage Studies engages students to think like Christian historians with the awareness that the field of historians is an open pathway.  The course covers ancient civilizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas in addition to building skills in reading and interpreting maps and charts.  Students will focus on the theme of the Creation, Fall, Redemption, and they will learn to recognize it in ancient civilizations.  



6th grade is the final year for focused spelling instruction through Bob Jones University Press. Students learn valuable spelling strategies, etymology, and common Greek and Latin word roots as they expand their vocabulary.

book140  SCIENCE

Through Bob Jones University Press text book and activity manual, students explore the living world with all its wonders. God’s world is brought to life through experiments, activities, dynamic reading, and concept application.



Electives include Physical Education, Art, and Life Skills.